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PE Film Steel Tube Tunnel walk in greenhouse

A walk-in tunnel greenhouse, often referred to simply as a “tunnel greenhouse,” is a type of greenhouse structure designed for the cultivation of plants, vegetables, and other crops. This greenhouse gets its name from its elongated, tunnel-like shape, which provides a spacious, enclosed environment for plants to grow. Here’s a description of a walk-in tunnel greenhouse:

Structure and Design:

Tunnel greenhouses typically consist of a series of arch-shaped or hoop-shaped frames made of materials like metal or PVC. These frames are anchored to the ground to create the tunnel shape.

The covering material is typically made of clear or translucent plastic, which allows sunlight to enter and provides a controlled climate for the plants inside.
Features and Characteristics:

Spacious Interior: Walk-in tunnel greenhouses are relatively tall and wide, providing ample space for plants to grow vertically and horizontally.

Natural Light: The covering material allows natural sunlight to penetrate the greenhouse, promoting photosynthesis and healthy plant growth.

Controlled Environment: Tunnel greenhouses provide a controlled environment, helping to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for the specific plants being cultivated.

Protection from Weather: The greenhouse structure protects plants from adverse weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and snow.

Ventilation: Many tunnel greenhouses have ventilation options, such as roll-up side walls or roof vents, to regulate temperature and provide airflow.

Easy Access: The design allows growers to easily access and tend to their plants. You can walk through the tunnel, which is where the name “walk-in” comes from.


Tunnel greenhouses are commonly used for growing a wide range of crops, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and small fruit trees.
They are popular in both commercial and hobbyist settings and can be used to extend the growing season, protect plants from pests, and provide a controlled environment for delicate or specialty crops.
These greenhouses are suitable for organic farming, seedling production, and plant propagation.

Size and Variations:

Tunnel greenhouses come in various sizes and configurations, depending on the grower’s needs. They can be small hobbyist structures or large commercial facilities.
There are also high tunnel greenhouses, which are taller, allowing for more vertical space and larger plants.
Walk-in tunnel greenhouses are a cost-effective and practical solution for extending the growing season and creating a controlled environment for various crops. They offer a balance between affordability and functionality, making them popular among growers of all levels of experience.



Place of Origin China
Type Garden Greenhouses
Model Number MZ0022-2
Frame Material Metal
Frame Finishing Not Coated
Name Portable Round Top Poly Tunnel Greenhouse
Size 400x200x200cm
Frame galvanized tube 25*0.5mm
Color Green
Collection Tunnel Greenhouse
Accessory 4 ground nails, 4wind ropes, screw joint
Cover green PE mesh cloth 140g/m2, 8windows,1 zippered roll up door
Feature UV Protection
Application Plant Growth
Packing Size(Cm) 147*45*18


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