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Polycarbonate Covering Hot Galvanized Steel Walk in Tunnel Greenhouse

Polycarbonate Tunnel Greenhouse Data Sheet

Parameter Description
Product Name Polycarbonate Tunnel Greenhouse
Structure Galvanized Steel Frame
Cover Material UV-Resistant Polycarbonate Panels
Panel Thickness Available in various thicknesses
Tunnel Width Varies with model (typically 3m to 10m)
Tunnel Length Varies with model (typically 4m to 100m+)
Tunnel Height Varies with model (typically 2.5m to 4m)
Roof Style Curved or Gothic Arch
Snow Load Capacity Varies with model and location
Wind Load Capacity Varies with model and location
Light Transmission Up to 90%
UV Protection UV-coated on one or both sides
R-Value (Thermal Insulation) Varies with panel thickness
Ventilation Options Roof or side vents, roll-up or drop-down sidewalls
Door Options Sliding or hinged doors
Frame Color Options Green, White, or Custom Colors
Installation and Assembly DIY assembly or professional installation available
Warranty One year


Greenhouse Features:

Sturdy Steel Frame: Constructed with a galvanized steel frame, ensuring excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

UV-Resistant Polycarbonate Panels: The greenhouse cover consists of UV-resistant polycarbonate panels that provide high light transmission and protect against harmful UV rays.

Thermal Insulation: Polycarbonate panels offer thermal insulation (R-value), maintaining a stable and controlled climate inside the greenhouse.

Versatile Sizes: Available in various widths, lengths, and heights to suit different agricultural and horticultural needs.

Curved or Gothic Arch Roof: The greenhouse roof can be designed with a curved or gothic arch shape, optimizing snow and rainwater runoff.

Snow and Wind Load Capacity: Designed to withstand varying snow and wind loads, depending on the model and location.

Optimal Ventilation: Ventilation options include roof or side vents, as well as roll-up or drop-down sidewalls, promoting air circulation for plant health.

Door Options: Choose between sliding or hinged doors for easy access to the greenhouse interior.

Customization: The frame color can be selected from standard options or customized to match specific preferences.


  • Commercial vegetable and flower production
  • Nursery and plant propagation
  • Research and experimental growing
  • Season extension for year-round cultivation
  • Protecting crops from extreme weather conditions

Please note that the specifications and features may vary based on the greenhouse manufacturer and model. For precise details and customization options, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s data sheet and consult with their representatives.


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