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Aluminum Structure Polycarbonate Roof Cantilever Carport


· Stylish free-standing cantilever design
· Protect your car, caravan, boat or BBQ area
· Constructed with powder-coated aluminum
· Strong and durable in harsh weather conditions
· Wind resistance: up to 90km/h
· Highly effective UV resistant material
· Thermal insulated to reduce heat
· Water, wind, corrosion and fade resistant feature
· Inbuilt gutters direct water flow to help keep the area below dry
. Join multiple carports together to create a larger parking space.
· Use as an additional covered parking space or as a patio/balcony cover
· Easy to install

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· Color:
·Aluminum frame (Dark Grey) +Polycarbonate panel (Dark Grey)
·Aluminum frame (White)+Polycarbonate panel (Dark Grey)
· The following colors can be customized
·Aluminum frame (Champagne/ Coffee/)
· Polycarbonate panel (Brown/ Clear / Lake blue/ Light gray/ Mid gray)
· Material:
· Frame Material: Powder Coated Aluminum Alloy
Roof Panel Material: 2mm Bayer PC
Polycarbonate Sheets
·Product Dimensions (Lx WxH):550x300x300cm
· Aluminum Frame Dimensions –
· Post: 156*86.5*2.5-3.5mm
· Roof Beam: 109.5*60*2mm
· Back Gutter Tube:70*70*1.6mm
· Packages: 6 cartons/set
·Package 1 Dimensions (Lx WxH):306*27*26cm 32.2kg
· Package 2 Dimensions (LxWxH):286*22.5*25.5cm 42kg
· Package 3 Dimensions (LxWxH):311*24*22cm 29kg
· Package 4 Dimensions (LxWxH):53*53*60cm 41.8kg
·Package 5 Dimensions (Lx WxH):50*50*15cm 9kg
· Package 6 Dimensions (LxWxH):30*18*10cm 2.53kg
· Gross Weight: 156.53kg
· Package Material: Honeycomb Carton

15-year warranty on the aluminum frame10-year warranty on polycarbonate roof sheets

Package Contents:
1x Cantilever Carport – 5.5m x 3m
1x Instruction Manua

1x List of accessories


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