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Plug in hollow polycarbonate sheets for wall curtain

Plug in polycarbonate sheet application.

“Plug-in” polycarbonate sheets refer to polycarbonate sheets that have a specific type of connector or fastening system, often referred to as a “plug-in” system. These sheets are designed for easy installation and connection. Here are some common applications for plug-in polycarbonate sheets:

DIY Projects: Home improvement enthusiasts and DIYers use plug-in polycarbonate sheets for various projects, but mainly for curtain wall.

Sound Barriers: Plug-in polycarbonate sheets can be used in noise barrier walls along highways and railways to reduce noise pollution. Their ease of installation allows for quick assembly in large-scale projects.

Decorative Applications: In architectural and decorative projects, plug-in polycarbonate sheets can be used to create unique design elements, such as partitions and screens.

The plug-in system simplifies the installation process, making it accessible to both professionals and DIYers. It provides a secure and watertight connection between sheets, ensuring the integrity of the structure or enclosure.


Plug-in Polycarbonate Sheet Data Sheet

Parameter Description
Product Name Plug-in Polycarbonate Sheet
Material Polycarbonate
Sheet Thickness Available in various thicknesses
Sheet Size Standard or custom sizes available
Light Transmission Up to 90%
UV Protection UV-coated on one or both sides
Weight Varies with thickness (typically 0.8 to 1.6 kg/m²)
Fire Resistance Class A per ASTM E84 or equivalent
Operating Temperature -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to +248°F)
Tensile Strength Varies with thickness
Flexural Strength Varies with thickness
Compressive Strength Varies with thickness
Impact Strength Varies with thickness
Chemical Resistance Resistant to most chemicals
Plug-in System Yes
Installation Easy plug-in or interlocking system
Applications Roofing, Glazing, DIY Projects, and more
Warranty 10 years

Polycarbonate Plug-in System:

The plug-in polycarbonate sheet comes with an easy-to-install interlocking system, allowing quick and secure connections between sheets.

Product Features:

High Light Transmission: The plug-in polycarbonate sheet offers excellent light transmission of up to 90%, allowing ample natural light into the covered area.

UV Protection: The sheet is UV-coated on one or both sides, providing protection against harmful UV radiation, ensuring long-lasting clarity and preventing yellowing.

Thermal Insulation: The polycarbonate material provides a degree of thermal insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable and controlled environment indoors.

Fire Resistance: Typically achieving Class A fire resistance, the sheet offers increased safety in various applications.

Excellent Strength: The plug-in polycarbonate sheet exhibits good tensile, flexural, and compressive strength, ensuring durability and resistance to bending.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to damage from many chemicals, making it suitable for use in various industrial and outdoor environments.


  • Roofing and skylights for residential and commercial buildings
  • Glazing for greenhouses, conservatories, and sunrooms
  • DIY projects and hobbyist constructions
  • Canopies, awnings, and covered walkways
  • Carports and pergolas
  • Partitions and privacy screens
  • Sound barriers and noise reduction panels



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