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Three layers four layers multiwall hollow polycarbonate

 Data Sheet: Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Parameter Description
Product Name  Three Wall Four Wall multi-layer hollow Polycarbonate
Material Polycarbonate
Structure Three-wall; Four Wall construction
Sheet Thickness Available in various thicknesses
Standard Sheet Size 7ftx19ft (2100mmx5800mm); 4ft x 8ft (1219mm x 2438mm); max width 7ft
Light Transmission Up to 80%
UV Protection UV-coated on one or both sides
Weight Varies with thickness (typically 0.8 to 1.6 kg/m²)
R-Value (Thermal Insulation) Varies with thickness
Fire Resistance Class A per ASTM E84 or equivalent
Operating Temperature -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to +248°F)
Tensile Strength Varies with thickness
Flexural Strength Varies with thickness
Compressive Strength Varies with thickness
Impact Strength Varies with thickness
Chemical Resistance Resistant to most chemicals
Warranty 10 years


Product Features

Twin-Wall Construction: The twin-wall structure consists of two parallel walls separated by ribs, providing excellent strength while reducing weight.

Lightweight and Durable: Twin wall polycarbonate is known for its lightweight yet durable properties, making it easy to handle and resistant to impacts.

High Light Transmission: With light transmission of up to 80%, twin wall polycarbonate allows sunlight to penetrate while diffusing harmful UV rays.

UV Protection: Twin wall polycarbonate sheets are often UV-coated on one or both sides to protect against the degrading effects of UV radiation.

Thermal Insulation: The twin-wall design creates air pockets, resulting in improved thermal insulation (R-value) compared to single-wall materials.

Fire Resistance: Twin wall polycarbonate typically achieves Class A fire resistance, making it a safe material for various applications.

Wide Temperature Range: Designed to perform in extreme temperatures, twin wall polycarbonate remains stable from -40°C to +120°C.

Excellent Strength: It exhibits good tensile, flexural, and compressive strength, ensuring structural integrity and resistance to bending.

Chemical Resistance: Twin wall polycarbonate resists damage from many chemicals, making it suitable for various industrial applications.


  • Greenhouses and garden structures
  • Skylights and roofing panels
  • Canopies and awnings
  • Partitions and privacy screens
  • Sound barriers and acoustic panels
  • Safety glazing and security windows
  • DIY projects and hobbyist constructions

Please note that the specific properties and features may vary depending on the manufacturer and the grade of the twin wall polycarbonate. It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet and product specifications for precise information.



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