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Corrosion-Resistant Woven Metal Wire Mesh


Wire Mesh: Versatile, durable, and adaptable, our wire mesh products are designed to meet a wide range of needs. From filtration to construction and everything in between, our high-quality wire mesh solutions offer strength and reliability for various applications.

welded wire mesh
Mesh Size Wire Gauge Diameter
In MM In Inch BWG No. MM
6.4mm 1/4Inch BWG24-22 0.56mm-0.71mm
9.5mm 3/8Inch BWG23-19 0.64mm-1.07mm
12.7mm 1/2lnch BWG22-16 0.71mm-1.65mm
19.1mm 3/4Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm-1.65mm
25.4×12.7mm 1×1/2Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm-1.65mm
25.4mm 1Inch BWG21-14 0.81mm-2.11mm
38.1mm 11/2Inch BWG19-14 1.07mm-2.11mm
25.4×50.8mm 1x2Inch BWG17-14 1.47mm-2.11mm
50.8mm 2Inch BWG16-12 1.65mm-2.77mm


  • Anping Metal Wire Mesh

Product Description:

  • The Anping Silk Metal Wire Mesh is a high-quality wire mesh product designed for a wide range of applications. It is known for its exceptional durability, strength, and versatility, making it a popular choice for various industrial and commercial uses.

Key Features:

  1. Material: Crafted from premium-grade metal wires, ensuring longevity and resilience in harsh conditions.
  2. Mesh Type: Anping Silk Metal Wire Mesh is a woven mesh characterized by a fine, intricate pattern that offers excellent filtration and screening capabilities.
  3. Mesh Size: Available in various mesh sizes to suit different project requirements.
  4. Finish: This wire mesh comes with a sleek and corrosion-resistant finish, enhancing its appearance and lifespan.
  5. Applications: Suitable for filtration, separation, sieving, and decorative purposes across multiple industries, including agriculture, construction, architecture, and more.
  6. Customization: Can be tailored to specific dimensions and specifications to meet your project needs.


  • Material Type: galvanized steel, stainless
  • Wire Diameter: Provide the customize wire diameter or gauge used
  • Mesh Count: Specify the mesh count, i.e., the number of openings per square inch, customize
  • Width and Length: Specify available dimensions, customize.
  • Packaging: Describe how the product is packaged for shipping


  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Reliable performance in demanding environments
  • Versatile for various applications
  • High-quality construction and finish
  • Customizable to fit your project’s requirements.

Usage Suggestions:

  • This wire mesh is commonly used in filtration systems, architectural design elements, security screens, and more. Please refer to our product documentation or contact our customer support for specific usage guidance.


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