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Polycarbonate Products

Hollow Polycarbonate sheets 2mm thickness-35mm thickness; common size 4ftx8ft; 7ftx19ft; 1.22mx2.44m; 2.1mx5.8m. Solid polycarbonate sheets 1mm thickness to 20mm thickness; common size 4ftx8ft; 7ftx19ft; 1.22mx2.44m; 2.1mx5.8m.

Agricultural Greenhouse

Whole kit agricultural greenhouse including galvanized steel structure; covering materials; shading system; irrigation system, etc. Common size 9mx30m; 9mx100m; 10mx100m; 24mx24m; 32mx32m Greenhouse accessories like insect nets; shading nets; seedling trays; irrigation pipes drips; and elbows. Aluminum square lock channel. Wiggle wire etc.

Wire Mesh

Spiral Link Decorative Wire Mesh; Cable Rod Decorative Wire Mesh; Decorative Metal Mesh Curtain; Fence; Stainless steel rockfall slope protection wire mesh

Carport and Awnings

Polycarbonate carport common size 3mx5.5m; 5.5mx6m; 3mx11m. etc. With aluminum alloy frames, 2mm-3mm solid polycarbonate sheets covering materials. Polycarbonate awnings with 5.2mm thickness hollow polycarbonate sheets or 3mm thickness solid polycarbonate sheets and aluminum brackets or plastic brackets.

We are your eyes in China.

We are not only the suppliers, but also the inspectors for you. We are the shareholders of the factories that make us sell with the factory price, and you are our direct customers which makes us responsible for you directly. So, we monitor the quality for you. “bang for the buck” “quality first” and “customer first” are our cooperation concepts. May our cooperation last forever.


Quality first, Accept the third party inspection.


12 years of professional knowledge in the industry and export.

From order negotiation to container loading, every part will make you satisfied.

  1. frankly order negotiate.
  2. factory inspection
  3. production inspection
  4. loading inspection

Recent Projects

greenhouse for seeding

5000 square meters of PO film multi-span greenhouse for seeding.

Polycarbonate greenhouse for tomatoes

10000 square meters of Polycarbonate multi span greenhouse for tomatoes.

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